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Massey’s Pizza started its long term love affair with central Ohio pizza consumers in 1949 when Jim and Dan Massucci and Romeo Siri introduced pizza to Columbus at their Italian Restaurant in Grandview. The pizza, baked in deck ovens directly on the hearth, was cut into rectangular strips instead of pie cuts and it was served in folded brown paper bags to go. Then the Massey (Massucci) brothers opened Columbus’ first pizzeria on East Main Street in Whitehall. The rest is history. Today Columbus is the pizza capital of the world and most pizza shops in this area use the Massey’s cut rather than the pie cut. As a family owned business, Massey’s has been winning the hearts of Columbus pizza lovers from one generation to the next. Massey’s has a secret dough recipe, baked on the hearth, with abundant toppings including: old world tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, aged provolone, Massey’s exclusive Guido Brand Portofino Pepperoni, house made Italian sausage and Italian meatballs. A unique blend of ingredients and fresh ground spices has given Massey’s the “Perfect Pizza Taste”.

When Guido Casa took over Massey’s in 1962, most pizza shops were converting to chain conveyors and convection type ovens. Guido always said, “You can’t fake the bake, chain conveyors are for auto parts not for cooking pizzas”. Guido knew that the Old World way of baking was directly on the hearth, so he stayed with the old fashioned open flame deck ovens, kept the mom and pop taste and became known as The Godfather of Pizza. Massey’s is always baked directly on the hearth with a specially ground cornmeal producing a thin, flavorful crust. No conveyor ovens are used here. Our ovens give us the ability to cook your pizza exactly how you like it: a little well done, well done, regular bake, or medium done, like a great steak. Today the tradition continues with Dave and Jim Pallone, Casa’s cousins, guiding Massey’s Pizza to the next plateau. Grounded in the past, with an eye toward the future, the Pallone’s have reintroduced some great menu items including: stromboli, spaghetti, lasagna, specialty salads and over 20 varieties of Jersey style subs, grinders, hoagies, and cheese steaks. Throughout every location you will find great tasting food backed up by exceptional customer service. This tradition of excellence still guides the company today. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of great pizza or just a serious pizza lover, you owe it to yourself to try world famous Massey’s Pizza. The difference is dramatic! That’s why Massey’s is known as “The Cadillac of Pizza”.